A. The citizens of the area shall be involved in the transportation planning process by the establishment of a citizens’ advisory group. The purpose shall be to seek reaction to planning proposals and to provide comment with respect to the concerns of various segments of the population in regard to their transportation needs. It shall be the function of the CAC to:

  1. Assist the Volusia TPO in the formulation of goals and objectives for shaping the urban environment.
  2. Conduct public information programs.
  3. Provide an effective citizens review of the preliminary findings and recommendations of the continuing study.
  4. Assist in other functions as deemed desirable by the Volusia TPO or TCC.

B. For the purpose of these Bylaws, the term “the Committee” shall mean the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) of the Volusia Transportation Planning Organization (Volusia TPO).

A. The CAC may be comprised of a maximum of twenty-six (26) voting representatives. Every member serving on the TPO shall appoint in writing one (1) representative to serve on the committee. Also serving as a voting member shall be one (1) representative from the School Board of Volusia County and one (1) representative from Votran acting as the Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC).

B. Voting members of the Committee (CAC) shall not be elected officials or directly involved in transportation planning in Volusia County.

C. The non-voting members of the CAC shall consist of: a representative of the Volusia TPO staff, a representative of the FDOT District Five staff and a representative of Volusia County Traffic Engineering.

D. The term of office for a Committee (CAC) representative shall be for a period of time to be determined by the Volusia TPO member that is being represented. The term of office for a CAC representative shall not exceed the term of office of the Volusia TPO member that is being represented. However, a CAC member may be reappointed to serve by an Volusia TPO member’s successor.

E. Any vacancies in membership shall be filled in the same manner as the initial appointment.

• Each member is expected to demonstrate his/her interest in the Committee’s (CAC) activities through participation in the scheduled meetings. Failure to appear at any three (3) consecutive meetings, excused or not excused, and/or three (3) meetings, unexcused, in a calendar year will result in expulsion. Upon the second missed meeting, a letter will be mailed to the TPO member and to the CAC appointee notifying them of the absences. After a third missed meeting, a letter will be mailed to the Volusia TPO member requesting replacement of the CAC appointee.

A. The Committee (CAC) shall hold an organizational meeting as part of the regular meeting in June of each year for the purpose of electing the following officers: Chairman and Vice-Chairman. The Chairman shall attend the regular monthly Volusia TPO Board meetings in order to provide a brief presentation on the CAC’s monthly activities. The Chairman will also serve on the Volusia TPO Board as a non-voting member of the Board.

B. Officers shall be elected by a majority of the members present at the June meeting and shall serve a term of one year, starting with the July meeting. CAC officers cannot serve more than two consecutive terms for the same office.

A. The Committee (CAC) shall hold its regular meeting at least once a quarter and at its meeting shall determine the date of its next meeting.

B. Special meetings may be called by the Chairman or by initiative of the majority of Executive Committee members. Reasonable notice must be provided to the members for a special meeting.

C. A minimum of nine (9) voting members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting. Once a quorum has been determined at the start of the meeting, all subsequent items on the agenda may be voted on. The action of a majority of the members present during the time of a vote shall be the act of the CAC. Each member is expected to participate at all meetings. It is the responsibility of each member to contact the Volusia TPO staff one day prior to a scheduled meeting, informing them of their expected absence.

D. The Volusia TPO shall furnish a Recording Secretary for all Committee (CAC) meetings. The Volusia TPO will further assist the Secretary in the preparation, duplication, and distribution of all printed materials necessary for Committee (CAC) meetings.

E. Notices and tentative agendas shall be sent to members five (5) working days prior to the regular meetings or one (1) working day prior to special meetings.

F. Requests for agenda changes must be received by the Chairman at least three (3) working days prior to the regular meetings or one (1) working day prior to special meetings.

G. Meetings will be open to the public and press.

H. The agenda will be formed by the Chairman and the Volusia TPO staff.

A. The Committee (CAC), composed of citizens from the study area who represent the various segments of the populace, should actively represent all segments of the general public and their concern in the transportation planning process.

B. The Committee (CAC) shall be charged with the responsibility for providing citizen input and providing recommendations to the TPO concerning transportation planning and programming; for review of all transportation studies, reports, and plans and/or programs; and for making recommendations to the Volusia TPO that are pertinent to the subject document. Subcommittees, Task Forces and Working Groups shall be designated by the CAC as necessary to investigate and report on specific subject areas of interest to the CAC.

B. Members of the CAC shall provide a monthly written summary report of each CAC meeting to his/her city/county representative in a timely fashion. The written report will be provided by TPO Staff.

C. Robert’s Rules of Order shall be followed at all meetings.

D. Members of the CAC shall not express their individual and/or personal views as those of the CAC, unless the CAC has, through a majority vote of those members present at a meeting, expressed such opinions.

A. Subcommittees shall be designated by the CAC as necessary to investigate and report on specific subject areas of interest to the Committee (CAC). These may include but are not limited to:

  1. Airports
  2. Highways
  3. Mass Transit
  4. Transportation of “transportation disadvantaged” groups
  5. Directions for future growth

B. Subcommittees shall be designated as necessary to deal with administrative and legislative procedures related to the CAC. These may include:

  1. Administrative matters
  2. Bylaws